If you are a small businesses get your Prospector for free now

Prospector gives you access to a rich world of company data. Great for sales, marketing and your CRM team

Prospector will help you if:


You believe in value of data and would like to: 

Save time when searching for data on companies

Increase conversions and sales margins

Have your CRM always up-to-date

Teams that use Prospector are:

See live demo:


  • Know your prospect (customer) before you meet (call)

  • Find contacts

  • Get notified of important events related to your customers and prospects

  • Search for new leads


  • Size the relevant market and get to know all companies in it

  • Understand the market for your new product or service before you launch 

  • Target your campaigns accurately

  • Monitor your competition


  • Automate updates of your CRM data

  • Drive adoption of your CRM thanks to attractive look and feel of embedded Prospector

Prospector provides excellent value:

  • Daily updates of data on over 3 million companies and entrepreneurs

  • Unrivaled breadth and depth of information with over 100 sources in one place ​

  • Configure what you see

    • Choose which data you want to see and which to hide to get all the important information on 1 page

  • Save selected company lists for later use

    • Once you've tagged a company list, it stays with you, you can always come back to it

    • We provide a number of ready-made segments (such as "suspicious owner/statutory" or "employee benefits")


COVID-19 special aid program for small businesses: from now till end of May get Prospector for Free

You are eligible if:

  • You employ 50 employees or less (incl. contractors)

  • You sell your products or services to other companies (i.e., you are a B2B, not B2C company)

  • You have at least one sales representative (field or internal)

As part of the program, you may receive:

  1. Up to 4 Prospector user licences to segment companies and view their profiles

  2. Access to classification of companies and entrepreneurs according to their estimated vulnerability to the COVID-19 crisis (starting April 1) and its daily updates.

If you are interested, please fill in this form. If you don't meet the program enrollment conditions but you are in trouble and Prospector could help, please email us at sales@bizmachine.com, we will figure something out.

Disclaimer: We will process requests on a first come - first serve basis. We reserve the right to throttle access or deny further enrollment in case we detect material deterioration of quality of service or due to other unforeseen resons. We're doing our best, but we're neither Microsoft nor Google :)

By filling this form, I consent to BizMachine, VAT ID CZ05450641, processing the personal information provided for the purpose and period of provisioning its services and the associated communication.

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